Monday, November 05, 2007

Ramblings From A Happy and Amazed (or maybe dazed) Jayhawk


In football!

Ummm. I'd be pretty psyched if it wasn't so totally,

completely un freaking believable!


I'm pretty sure that my entire circle of friends, athletes and coworkers is sick. Including me. Tis the season I guess. Get well my peeps!

I'm going to work backwards through the last week or so.

1. This morning after a struggle over whether or not to call in sick to work (I got my snotty nosed self dressed and came in) we got a call for a car accident.

The accident was very minor with no injuries and we headed south down the highway, turned around and were headed back north towards the station. A car pulls up next to us and begins honking. Looking in the side mirrors we see 3000 (yes 3000) feet of hose laid nicely out on the highway.

The strong north wind had caught the edge of the hose and it just laid out.


45 minutes later with the help of an off duty guy from OP Fire (thanks OP Fire guy!) and some snarling between me and one of my guys we were loaded up and again headed north on the highway.

You guessed it...north wind, no hose bed cover, highway speed...this time we caught it before we laid the whole hose bed out.

We now have a very torn and tattered hose bed cover held on to the hose bed with bungee cords we bought at the hardware store. The cover wasn't staying on because of it's condition so the other shift removed it.

We 'un' removed it.

It wasn't even 9am....

2. KCRC traveled to the Frostbite Regatta this past weekend in Wichita Kansas. Contrary to the name the weather was glorious, the racing fun and competitive, the parents, juniors and masters fab as always!

I'll have pics later this week.

3. My good friend Major Ed (Hubby of the Ronneblogger) won a Heart of Health Care nursing award. What a neat event and a great celebration of the nurses that work so hard and take such good care of us.

4. On my birthday (Wednesday) I flew to LA to attend the promotional ceremony for my good friend Glenn as he was promoted to Colonel in the Air Force.


As I sat and listened to the introductory speech I realized that my very unassuming, low key buddy was a total Air Force stud. He has held some very important jobs in some areas that are critical to keep us and our military safe. And he will continue to work hard as he commands 'his' units and I expect he will continue to surprise me.

Thanks to Glenn, Becky and the Martin and O'Connor families who welcomed me into their celebration and made me feel like I was part of the family.

Again, pics to come...


MUD said...

The picture of the Eagle you used is what we call a "War Eagle" because the head is pointed towards the arrow heads not the olive branch end. I looked at it and it just didn't look right. After all, I wore Eagles for about 10 years and except in the mirror they looked left not right.

Jenn said...

my bad...I'll fix it

MUD said...

Don't fix it, see my blog for pictures of both. I love this kind of thing. MUD

Donna said...

OMG...3000 feet?! That really gives 'don't lay out short' NEW meaning!!! Great fodder for that book that I'm sure you're writing!! Congrats, again, to Glen...(and ED)... Looking forward to seeing the fabu pix you'll be posting...

June said...

Good stuff! Interesting info about the Eagles....