Monday, April 30, 2007

What I Did At Work Today

Jenn Needs To...

I was tagged by my cousin your name with 'needs to' behind it and see what pops up. Here's mine.

Jenn needs coffee...well, duh.

Jenn needs help filling out the capitol expense report...never was good at math.

Jen needs to find a self righteous, conspicuous "I'm better than you" charitable position so she can keep charming the sheep into thinking she matters a rat's ass, like Scangalina did...ummm...

Jen needs to have a session or two with a therapist...never hurts.

Jenn needs a horse...hmmm, wonder what Rescue would do with a horse.

Jen needs to take some time and be by herself. Take time for herself and friends and relax...oh my, this one is actually talking about me!

Friday, April 27, 2007

Great Plains (and my Great Girls)

Looks so pretty,, doesn't it. Sunny, grass is green, athletes are ready...

And here they are. They are so keyed up, nervous. Not as nervous as me...I know what I've sent them out into.

Can you see the wave coming up and hitting them in the backs of their heads. Note the white caps on the left. This pic doesn't do it justice.

That water is supposed to stay in the lake. Not end up in their boat.

Look at their faces...they are smiling. Glad to be back on shore, I'm sure but also they have completed their very first race!

Here I am...rowing with them.

Look at all the medals they won!!!

A team huddle.

The Sunday group.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Monday, April 23, 2007

Some Clarification May Be Needed

Okay, so I don't hate 'Topeka'. I am always, every year, without fail, frustrated beyond belief at the annual regatta held in Topeka.

They try to do too much which means that they run behind.

They try to do it with too much fan fare which means that while we are running behind they want to have a flag ceremony and need two rowers from each team to hold oars and make a path.

They have officials who have never rowed before so while they are running behind and trying to have a silly flag ceremony the officials who don't understand what it takes to get the boats where they need to be start yelling at the kids.

The lake is VERY susceptible to even the slightest breeze (in Kansas in the spring where the wind ALWAYS blows) so while they are running behind and trying to have a silly flag ceremony and the crappy officials are yelling at the kids who are doing everything they can to get their boats where they need to be the waves on the lake become big and scary.

They think that since this is a "Championship Regatta" (only because they named it so) they should have a hour long medals ceremony. So after a day that has run too long, where they did very little to get the schedule back on time, where my kids come off the water in tears because some 50 year old man thought it might be helpful to scream at a 15 year old girl, they want us to stand around and listen to their stupid jokes when all we want are the medals our kids won and to get the HECK out of there.

The ONLY reason we go is because it's close.

On a side note the highlight of my weekend was my 83 year old uncle Warren coming to the lake with Mean Uncle Denny, Big Daddy Kris, and my little cousins Kristin and Ethan. My family has put up with my rowing habit for years. They listen when I talk about my kids and ask how our competitions went but they don't come watch very often. It's nice to have them see what I do and who my kids are.
MUD come every year. Every year....

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Rowing Technique by Flip Luisi

FISA World Rowing Championship 2002

Men's lightweight eights good race video.

(Junior the finishes in the close up shots. Watch the body and arm position)

The Dutch Men's Eight

This is a good video of a start, settle and race.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

GG's New Digs

My Grandmother has moved into a swank new retirement community. These pictures were taken yesterday in Wichita.
(Dad, Kim...she looks VERY happy)

She remarked, more than once, how incredibly friendly everyone has been.

The Great Grand kids (and she has 12) call her GG. She makes the best cookies!

Here is her bedroom. She is very happy with the new bedroom furniture. Note the sewing machine. On the other side of the bed is the ironing board...she remarked to my Mother..."I love to iron". Crazy.

She has some new living room furniture and it's a very nice room.

This picture looks back into the hallway to the bedroom and bathroom.

If you squint you can see her in the doorway.

This is her front window. All the residents have their windows decorated. Hers, of course, has her dolls and bears.

This is the dining room. Real table cloths, real napkins and real silverware. Looks like a restaurant.

This is the main room. A three story ceiling with skylights, a fireplace, comfy reminds me of a fancy hotel.

Another view of the main room.

This is the Westminster room. GG's apartment opens out to this room. They play bingo, have movie night, speakers, music, game's their 'rec' room.
Here is the April snow storm we drove in returning to KC...4 wheel drive, 40 miles and hour for almost 2 hours.


Thursday, April 12, 2007

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen reasons I'm too tired to do Thursday Thirteen.

1 It's spring.
2 Topeka entries.
3 We started our day with back to back car accidents. (I'm at work)
4 I had trouble sleeping last night.
5 I ran stairs this morning.
6 It's spring.
7 First week of Spring Rowing League.

See I was just too tired.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

A MUST Read (especially for my gal pals)

Last week I borrowed the dancin' rabbit from Odat a funny blog I check in on almost everyday.

Well she's done it again. I'm not putting it here (might be a bit racy for the kids) but you need to take a look (Bec, Kimmy).

Happy 100 Days!!!!!

I'm having an episode of "I Loathe" #4.
See below for clarification.

Monday, April 09, 2007

100 Days Into 2007

Tomorrow, Tuesday, April 10th, is the 100th day of the year.

A place I visit regularly April’s Salt for the Spirit came up with a neat idea.

Here are my 100 things for the 100th day.

I have lived..
1…in Wichita, KS, where I was born and lived until I was 5.
2…in Topeka, KS, where I grew up and went to High School.
3…in Lawrence, KS, where I went to College, Rock Chalk Jayhawk!
4…in Cincinnati, OH, where I coached for the Cincinnati Rowing Club and trained.
5…in Lawrence, KS (again), , where I painted Victorian Homes and tried to survive.
6…in Philadelphia, PA, where I trained at Fairmont Rowing Club and learned who I really was.
7…in Washington, DC, where I rowed at the Occoquan for the crazy Russian and made the ’94 World Championship team.
8…in Topeka, KS (again), where my grandmother took me in and allowed me to figure out what the heck I was going to do.
9…in Shawnee, KS (again), where my sister and brother in law let me live in their basement and do what I had figured out.
10…in Kansas City, KS (And I’m staying here!), where I live with my critters (and my brother who is trying to figure out what he’s going to do…must be genetic) and work as a firefighter and a rowing coach.

I have witnessed...
1…my siblings create these amazing little people who mean so much to me. (okay, I didn’t see the actual ‘creation’, that would be creepy and weird. But I did see one of them come into this world. Without exception the one most amazing day of my life)
2…pure acts of heroism.
3…young girls turn into young women…almost before my eyes, with the support and power they gain from being a part of a team.
4…total joy…have you ever seen a dog running in the grass or rolling over and over again in something really stinky.
5…a child who truly believed he was meeting Santa.
6…an athlete perform to the best of her ability, and recognize that her effort was extraordinary.
7…my parents rise above their feelings about one another to come together as a family to celebrate their grandchildren. (way to go Mom and Dad!!!)
8…total loss. More than once.
9…life leaving a person. Also more than once.
10…the sunrise over the ocean.

I have heard...
1…an eight, rowed exceptionally well.
2…Hummingbird wings.
3…soft puppy dog snores (I’m hearing some now…)
4…our club’s name announced at the medals dock at US Nationals.
5…the sound of my oars in the water.
6…the way a boat hums when it’s running well.
7…teenagers when they forget you are in the car with them.
8…my nephew’s laughing.
9…the quiet of the early morning.
10…the sound of a fire truck from the inside.

I have lost...
1…my keys, over and over and over again.
2…Taylor and Andi.
3…all of my Grandfathers.
4…most of my flexibility (yoga, everyone, quick, before it’s too late!)
5…good friends, for stupid reasons.
6…every work name tag I’ve ever been given.
7…as well as any pen I’ve ever touched.
8…my chance to be a mother.
9…my Bleeding Hearts for this year (20 degrees in KC this last week…everything froze).
10…my ability to sleep late.

I have found...
1…that my money never lasts as long as my wants.
2…that it is impossible to keep the cats off the furniture…dogs yes, cats no.
3…that I sleep better with one dog than with two.
4…that I cannot give up coffee.
5…that less explanation is better when teaching novice. If I shut up, most of them will find the correct way to move.
6…that if you cut frozen Tulips, put them in the frig and let them thaw and then put them in water they will last several days.
7…that if you are in a hurry everything that can go wrong will.
8…that I can hold my tongue…most of the time.
9…that it is worth every penny to pay Darren to mow my yard.
10…that I kind of like to run even if I’m very, very slow.

I love...
1…my life, finally.
2…my family, all bazillion of them.
3…the smell of cut grass.
4…Maggie, Rescue, Gus and Jack.
5…to teach.
6…dark chocolate.
7…blank days on my calendar.
8…growing things.
9…making a difference.
10…drinking strong coffee on my porch on a spring morning.

I can...
5…grow things.
7…fix things.
8…fight fire.
9…do CPR.
10…keep my head in emergencies.

I loathe...
1…the dentist.
2…driving in traffic.
3…loading the rowing trailer.
4…several thing associated with any Regatta in Topeka.
5…lazy people.
6…the trip to Cincinnati.
8…the attitude many people have about Wyandotte County.
9…washing fire trucks.
10…oh yeah, and raspberries.

I hope...
1…I can sort out the Spring Rowing League today.
2…it warms up.
3…my plants survive this cold spell.
4…my nephews make it through the growing up process without scars.
5…my kids continue to race well this season.
6…I get promoted soon.
7…my dogs live forever.
8…Major Ed comes home safe and sound.
9…we get this Iraq mess sorted out before we lose more kids over there.
10…little Alex (granddaughter of a good friend) recovers quickly.

I am trying...
1…to live debt free (harder than it seems).
2…to lose weight (…I know, who isn’t).
3…to get in shape and stay in shape. (that running thing, you know)
4…to be a good friend (I’m too self absorbed for my own good)
5…to be a good aunt. (this one I think I’m doing okay with but it gets tricky as they get older)
6…to be a good sister. (this one always needs work)
7…to be a good Christian. (God has a plan for me; I have to remember not to get in his way)
8…to be a good firefighter. (there is so much to learn, still)
9…to be a good teacher. (I learn more than I teach)
10…to be a good person. (again, harder than it seems)

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Easter Bunny Boogie

I forgot to add that I got this from Odat’s Mumblings Go say hi to her and don't forget to check out her Happy dance Fridays.

Happy Easter! I've lost the Bunny...

Tuesday, April 03, 2007


Tough call this evening...

Call your Mom today. Tell her you love her.

You won't have her forever...

And say a prayer for Nicole. She lost her Mom tonight.

Monday, April 02, 2007

Sunday, April 01, 2007


This is for my non-rowing family, Bec, Denny and Kim.(I had to since everyone, even Kim has done it!)


Three Things That Scare Me:
Something happening to the kids I love.
House Fires.
Going to the Dentist.

Three People Who Make Me Laugh:
Ed Smith.

Three Things I Love to Do:
Sleep late.
Drink coffee on my porch in the spring.
Watch my kids race well.

Three Things I Hate:
Being sick. ( the cold the germy nephews gave me is kicking my butt!)
Fighting with my family.
Getting moved out to work in another station for a shift. (Tomorrow I have to go to 20's, yeck!)

Three Things I Don't Understand:
The guys I work with.
My Brother.
Why Maggie rolls in smelly stuff.

Three Things On My Desk:
(I had to get up to go look since I'm sitting on the couch)
My old laptop.
A picture of me and Rescue.
My camera.

Three Things I'm Doing Right Now:
Sneezing and Sniffling.
Sitting on the couch in my jammies at 5pm.
Watching 'What Not To Wear'.
(I figure 'blogging' is understood)

Three Things I Want To Do Before I Die:
Get married again.
Go to Europe.
Make a difference.

Three Things I Can Do:

Three Things I Can't Do:
Remember to get the trash out in time.

Three Things I Think You Should Listen To:
Van Morrison.
The rain.

Three Things You Should Never Listen To:
Angry people.
Loud noises (bad for your hearing).
People who don't like you.

Three Things I'd Like To Learn (but won't):
To play the piano.
To be more organized.
???????? I can do most of what I'd like to be able to do?

Three Favourite Foods:
Kimmies Enchiladas.
My Potato Soup.
Christmas Soup.
('s the same list as Kim)

Three Shows I Watched As A Kid:
Hogan's Heros.