Wednesday, December 30, 2009

2009 Recap

Musings Of A Housewife does a 2009 recap and I thought it sounded fun

I took the first sentence of the first post of each month of 2009. (although sometimes it's the title because I have an annoying habit of posting pictures with out commentary)


I want to BE the dog whisperer.

Who knew that a few short weeks later River would come to live with me. And I would get to practice my dog whispering skills.


I think Jennifer Hudson just lip synced the National Anthem...

I think I was watching too much TV.


Dedication Of The New KU Boathouse

The first posts of most months seem to be very short. But that picture is very cool.


Happy Green Spring Month

April started out so pretty...ended with so much brother drama...


Really...that's what this crazy week has been about.

This post is what I remember most about this month...but you should also read this one...So...some of you will recognize this as my bedroom.


Summer arrived at 4:45 this morning...well for me it did anyway. Today was the first day of summer practice.

With 400+ inches of snow on the ground and temps in the teens for the next several days...doesn't summer sound good.


There was supposed to be a nice post here about all the bazillion things that currently live in my car....but it has disappeared into blog land.

Four posts in July...that's all.


If I Was The Boss Of This Blog I'd Fire Me

I'm not sure I measured up.


Hey there ho there!

Oh my god...I've been on a diet since September! I should weigh less already.


We've been talking a lot at practice this week.

Yes...they do talk a lot.


It all started with a simple conversation about unicycles...and all of a sudden there was a hula hoop...

He He He...


I am spending this first day of December in Wichita, KS

What a cool picture...maybe my favorite this December.

How was your year?

...the linking was a pain but it was fun to look back over my year.

Introducing Miss Elizabeth

My darling little niece Elizabeth Rose (yes, Beth...It's Elizabeth with a Z) arrived this afternoon.
I will post weight, length, favorite color, SAT score as they become available.
Aren't those cheeks to die for!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Home to the frozen tundra tomorrow... I will miss this face. Among others.

Friday, December 25, 2009

DPP Day 25...Merry Christmas From Warm(ish) Texas

We sat outside on Christmas day.

There was some football.
Some strategy.
Short sleeves.
And a sled for when we come home...

Thursday, December 24, 2009

DPP Day 24...Late Edition

We had a visitor...he comes every year on this night. The little boys were pretty excited!

Of's Christmas Eve...they've been pretty excited all day.
The adults have mostly been eating all day. It's a good thing.
It's all a very, very good thing...
Merry Christmas everyone...

DPP Day 24

This was actually last night. The sleeping boy is Steve's girlfriend Gerry's son Trystan. He was SOOOOO tired. The spin around in circles kind of tired that little guys get. He crawled up into Austin's lap and in about 45 seconds was sound asleep. Austin may act like the typical grumpy teenager but he is actually a pretty sweet fellow. And the little boys really think he's cool.
It's morning now...the Campo's arrived from New Orleans last night's just really loud.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

DPP Day 23

(Yeah...I know I missed a day but 10 hours in the car will do that to a person) Ho Ho Ho! Let the madness begin.

Monday, December 21, 2009

DPP Day 21...The Christmas Edition

As I sit here this morning, in the big red chair. Don Harmon telling me all about the wonderful weather I'll be missing, laptop on my lap, coffee in hand, furry cats purring...Jack with his head on my shoulder, River on the couch (yes...I let dogs on my couch), Mags snoring softly on her blanket at my feet, Rescue here getting a few morning scritches. My feet up, my beautiful tree across the room.
I think about the quiet peacefulness of this moment.
I'm headed to Texas tomorrow. I'll sleep on the couch, there will be no peaceful moments, there will be coffee (thank god!), and wine (thank god!). And sisters and brothers and nephews and parents and noise.
I spent Saturday with the amazing Petty clan. Half of my story. My mother's family. Strong, funny, kind, smart, loud, loving.
From them I got the strength to be independent and make no excuses for it. To feel confident in my abilities and grounded in my relationships. A love of cold beer, a good joke, little kids (and we'll add two in 2010!), old folks, dogs (and old dogs) and a good porch.
I will spend the rest of Christmas with the Johnson family. The other half of my story. Smart, funny, kind, loud, loving.
From them I learned the importance of forgiveness. And family...born to or acquired. And the love of good food, the state of Texas, a cold margarita, books, laughter, lake life and belonging.
I have so much.
If I don't get a chance in person...I'd like to wish you all a wonderful Christmas. May your holiday be filled with blessings.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

DPP Day 20...The People Celebrate

I work in an area we lovingly refer to as 'Upper Muncie'.
We have every trailer park in town.
We call them 'Our people'.
In one of the...not so wonderful a trailer whose owners are...really 'in to' the season.
It's my favorite. You can see it from K-32. The light bill is probably more than the rent.

DPP Day 20

These are technically DPP day 18. It's taken me a while to get these sorted, edited and up.
I have something fun for later today so check back. After dark...

Our Fab bus driver!
Kelli and Kathy...sisters and friends.

Stewie's mom laid out a spread! Thanks Margaret!

We sang loud but not necessarily in tune...and if I noticed it couldn't be good.
We had so much fun...
Mama Sac hooked us up with Povitica...homemade! Yummmm

The Hose Draggers and Mama Sac.
Yep...all those girls are Fire Fighters...except the little one. But she's family.
Singing for Kelli's mom.

Janet squared.
A little fellow I don't know but I loved his hat! We sang for his grandma.
We sang for Betty. She had heart surgery last week. Silent night made her cry. Me too.
Janet squared and their Cindy Lou Hoo hats.
All of us crowded into the Miller's kitchen.
Sis. And someone's beer. For some reason this cracks me up.
I think they knew we were coming and put out some yummy treats.

He looks guilty, doesn't he?