Friday, August 31, 2007

How I Ended Up With Labor Day Weekend Off...I have No Idea

But I'm grabbing my stuff and heading to Arkansas.

Floating, porch sitting and some blissful rowing await me!

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, August 30, 2007

9 Things Dispatchers Should Know

1. A dispatcher should be familiar with the address of the stations he/she dispatches.

2. A dispatcher should know that Greely is not pronounced "girly".

3. A dispatcher should understand that at 3am "pumper 7" and "pumper 17" sound quite the same when said at the beginning of the dispatch and not repeated. And not get snippy when called and asked "did you dispatch pumper 7 or pumper 17?"

4. A dispatcher should understand the difference between handheld radios and station speakers. (see post below)

5. A dispatcher should understand that when he/she talks on the phone to you over her head set you cannot hear her and when you ask her to repeat 17 times she might want to try the regular phone.

6. A dispatcher should understand the difference between Melody Ct and Melody Dr and not get snippy when you explain the difference....after all you are the one sitting in front of the house.

7. A dispatcher should understand the territory he/she dispatches well enough to understand that it is impossible for there to be a motor vehicle accident at the corner of two streets that run parallel to each other!

8. A dispatcher should understand why it is important to know if the accident on south bound 1-70 at 635 is east or west of 635 ...think about it.

9. A dispatcher should not need to know why you need PD on scene. If you're asking, you need them!

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Sometimes My Job Is Great Fun

If you happen to drive in the 2400 block of south 55th, look for the little house on the east side...the little house that used to be yellow but now is black. 4:30 am "house fire for the following companies....." Yeah!!!

A new paramedic, on the job 3 weeks, her first fire. She's about 115 pounds and tough as nails. She was great and looked like she was having a blast. The guys on the crew I've been working with were great. I did okay if you don't count losing my radio...

We stayed on scene looking for it, came back to the station and looked some more. I called dispatch, explained that I'd misplaced my radio and asked if they would tone on tach 1 (the channel the radio was tuned to for fire operations). 30 seconds later we began hearing a tone over the station speakers.

I called back to clarify.
"Did you send a tone on tach 1? we heard a tone on the stations speakers"
"Yes, we toned the station speakers."
"Well...I didn't lose the station speakers, I lost my radio!"
After some conversation they toned tach 1 and we found my radio.
Quality employees....

But it was great fun to catch a house fire and mix it up a little.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Happy Birthday Aus!

This little darling turns 15 today!

Today Is My First Day Of "School"

Fall Rowing starts today!
My days of hanging around most of the afternoon, complaining about how hot it is...are over. Fall is here. The kids will be back at the lake today. I can't wait to see who I'll have for the Fall season. Many of the novice are returning as I've had emails from them. I've lost some of my varsity to graduation and one to the pressure of senior year. We have two new juniors coaches and things will be different. I'm anxious to get started and see what the season will bring!

Friday, August 24, 2007

For Comparison

August 1997
August 2007

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Monday, August 20, 2007

Funny, Very, Very Funny

It is not very often that things make me laugh out loud.
The Wooden Porch has a hysterical cat video today. If you have ever lived with a cat it's a don't miss!

PS AJ started kindergarten this morning! We had some camera issues (I forgot mine and Kim couldn't find her memory card) so I took some pics with the new I Phone. Will post some as soon as I figure out how.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Still Hot!

Well...that about says it all.

I'm not sure if the heat has sucked every ounce of creativity out of my brain or if the lack of fresh air is beginning to affect my personality.

I'd like to throw open the doors and windows and let the breezes in, sit on the front porch with my coffee and not sweat onto the keyboard of my laptop, drive my car with the windows down...I feel like a prisoner.

When I spend this much time locked in my house (and why is that...if the doors and windows are open nothing is locked but if the AC is on and the doors are shut, man, I've locked every lock I have...) When I spend this much time locked in my house everything starts to bug me.

I can't stand the tile in the bathroom. I need new blinds. I really do live like a college student. I haven't paid for any piece of furniture I have. Arghhh...I need to get out of here! Or I need to stop watching all of those redecorating/renovating shows.

I even think the dogs are a little stir crazy. Rescue seems to be making friends with the cats and Maggie goes out, comes in, goes out, comes in, goes out...see the problem...she doesn't want to be inside and once outside she realizes it's a bit like standing on the sun. But her memory is very short. Good thing she's cute.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Well...I Did It...Crazy, I Know.

My cell phone died and it seemed silly to spend $50-$100 on a phone I know I don't want only to buy this one eventually.
So... if I call you randomly and hang up it's because I haven't yet figured out how to use the dang thing and it seems to want to call everyone...even when I'm just trying to turn it off.
(and if I don't call you at all it's because when my cell died it took all my phone numbers with it!)

He Starts High School Tomorrow...Yikes.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Enough Already

It's 102 degrees...holy frying pan!

Is It Fall Yet???

Orange and Green are fall colors.

Maybe today I'll turn the AC to meat locker, put on jeans and a sweatshirt and pretend...

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Just Some Good Advice

So...say you've been drinking.

And you've foolishly decided to drive your car.

And your car is old and maybe not well maintained and it breaks down on the highway late at night.

And the fire department shows up because a passerby thought perhaps your car might be on fire.

And the nice firefighter suggests strongly that you call someone to come get you. Instead of trying to wait until the car cools down and putting some more oil in the radiator. (which is always a good sign that you should not be driving)

And the firefighter explains that if the highway patrol will eventually stop by and then you will be in a world of s*#@.

And you make a few calls and try to get the firefighters to leave you, drunk and stupid on the side of the highway at night. (which they will NOT do)

It's probably not a good idea to get smart with the firefighter holding the radio.

Because she will then go to her fire truck and CALL the highway patrol and turn your drunk, stupid butt over to them and go back to her station and go back to sleep.

Should have just called them in the beginning.

So much for being nice.

Saturday, August 04, 2007

Just Random Saturday Stuff

I don't really have anything of substance to share. Just 24 hours of fire station living stretched out in front of me.

I got moved back to 10's for to be 'home' even for just a day, even if it's not really 'home' any more.

Started Weight Watchers again. Worked well for me a few years ago and if I'd paid attention to what I was doing I wouldn't need it again. But that's what we all do so...

My god dog Hugo is visiting this weekend. There is a lot of grumbling for about the first 3 or 4 hours then they all settle in and get along fine. He's really funny. A stocky little Boston Terrier, all attitude with Maggie but VERY respectful of Rescue. I keep telling him that Mags is gonna take his head off but he doesn't listen. He kinda likes the cats. Gus thinks he's okay but Jack, of course, is very put out by his presence.

I've been working on the club Fall schedule. I think I've got it worked out...just need to get it to Dusty and then get it all put on the calendar. Just mindless work.

Skyped with my friend Tina in Singapore last night. Good to see her, Steve and the kids. I think I'm going to try to get there in February...Tina is blogging and as soon as I get her permission I'll link her so you can see what they are up to on their side of the planet.

That's about it...

Wednesday, August 01, 2007


I've been tagged by Bec...

Five Things In My Frig

1. Fresh green grapes, cleaned and ready to eat.
2. Fresh cilantro, my favorite!
3. 42 small containers of apple sauce (too expensive to send to what do I do with it?)
4. 6 week old home made pesto...kinda afraid to open it.
5. A half flat bottle of Dr Pepper (my brother's calling card)

Five Things In My Closet

(This is easy since my closet will only hold five things)
1. Shirts (most of which I never wear)
2. Shoes (most of which I never wear)
3 Sweaters (most of which I never wear)
any one seeing a pattern here?
4. Sweatshirts (most...yada, yada, yada)
5. Jeans

Five Things In My Purse/Backpack
(Since I currently seem to not be carrying either I will give you 5 things in my coaching bag)

1. electrical and athletic tape
2. stroke watch
3. 16 pens (and not a single one works)
4. dead stroke coach batteries
5. 3 7/16 wrenches

Three Things In My Car

1. A TV
2. 14 Mc Donalds wheel thingys that come in those kids meals
3. A lint roller
4. Pool floats
5. 4 pairs of shoes

Five Things In The World That I'd Like To See Before I Die

1. The 'Tour De France"
2. Greece
3. The Galapagos Islands
4. The Grand Canyon
5. The McLeod Castle in Scotland

More Of My Goofy Nephews

You need to take a look at my sister Kimmy's blog.
The nephews are crazy funny.