Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Me And My Scale

Hey there ho there!
No, I didn't forget I have a blog...haven't we already been through this...I should be fired. But, alas, I AM the boss of this blog and I like there.
I'm on a diet.
Don't even start. I DO need to lose a few pounds. Stop the slow creep upward on the scale. Nothing crazy. Just keeping the weight in a healthy range. Revamping the food that goes in. Making sure I'm doing my part to improve the calories burned.
You know...healthy and all that.
And I have a scale. There are really three schools of thought on the scale issue.

  1. Weigh every day.
  2. Weigh once a week/month.
  3. Never go near the blasted thing.

I'm an every day weigher. Always have been. It will not be changed.

My scale is possessed.

I began at my heavy weight not to be mentioned. In the first week I lost 13 pounds. I'd get on the scale every morning and think "It just cannot be this easy".

Then I thought maybe the batteries were dying. So I got new batteries. Same unbelievable loss. So I started to think "Okay, so this is good".

Then Saturday I was bad. Not like I ate a whole cake and a carton of ice cream bad. But I had more than one beer and more than one chocolate martini and the guac...oh...the guac. And the stuffed dates. And food from the grill...okay, maybe I was that bad.

Sunday morning, against my better judgement, I got on the devil scale. All 13 pounds. Back.

A little panic. Put the scale on a different part of the floor. Took the battery out and put the old one back in. Stood a different way. Left and came back later.

13 pounds. Back.

Yesterday down 2 from there.

Today...back to 13 lost.

I think the damn thing is fucking with me.


Anonymous said...

I weigh every day too. My rule of thumb is if it sounds too good or bad to be true, it probably is. You might consider new scales. I like Weight Watchers that weighs in tenths of a pound. It's not cheap, but worth every penny to be able to say I lost one but you has to know it's only a tenth of a pound.

MUD said...

Do I hear Mandy laughing in the background? I have stories of guys that started to report their gas mileage and their friends would add gas to the tank for a while and then start taking it back out a few tanks later. Drove the poor guy almost nuts. One of the instructors at TeleTech lost his mother's pizza pan and I called his dad and had him call Zeke and tell him he needed to bring theat pan home tonight. Poor Guy about went nuts until he saw me laughing. I finally fessed up and we all had a good laugh. His mom got a new pan also. MUD

Cindy said...

I only gained 1 pound from last weekends guac, martini, etc fest. Have now lost that one and about 3 more. 13 sounds a little off - if it is a true 13 then your clothes have to feel a LOT looser. My scale at home reads different than at the Slim4Life office. Course I don't get naked there either.....

Clare said...

I swear I have the same odd fight with the scale at least once a year. Things that effect females moods for the day should not be so finicky!!

Anonymous said...

I too, am an everyday weigher! I can't help it...and mine is a weight watchers scale too... I don't pay too close attention to it one particular week 'o the month because I gain 8-10 lbs and then 4 days later I take it off...
it's a vicious cycle... I'll just keep moving and eating right ;)