Friday, April 27, 2007

Great Plains (and my Great Girls)

Looks so pretty,, doesn't it. Sunny, grass is green, athletes are ready...

And here they are. They are so keyed up, nervous. Not as nervous as me...I know what I've sent them out into.

Can you see the wave coming up and hitting them in the backs of their heads. Note the white caps on the left. This pic doesn't do it justice.

That water is supposed to stay in the lake. Not end up in their boat.

Look at their faces...they are smiling. Glad to be back on shore, I'm sure but also they have completed their very first race!

Here I am...rowing with them.

Look at all the medals they won!!!

A team huddle.

The Sunday group.


MUD said...

I wish that everyone could have that positive an influence on young people. Pride in what you do just makes you a better person. You can see the pride and smiles on their faces. Athletes row, everyone else plays games! MUD

Rebecca said...