Saturday, April 14, 2007

GG's New Digs

My Grandmother has moved into a swank new retirement community. These pictures were taken yesterday in Wichita.
(Dad, Kim...she looks VERY happy)

She remarked, more than once, how incredibly friendly everyone has been.

The Great Grand kids (and she has 12) call her GG. She makes the best cookies!

Here is her bedroom. She is very happy with the new bedroom furniture. Note the sewing machine. On the other side of the bed is the ironing board...she remarked to my Mother..."I love to iron". Crazy.

She has some new living room furniture and it's a very nice room.

This picture looks back into the hallway to the bedroom and bathroom.

If you squint you can see her in the doorway.

This is her front window. All the residents have their windows decorated. Hers, of course, has her dolls and bears.

This is the dining room. Real table cloths, real napkins and real silverware. Looks like a restaurant.

This is the main room. A three story ceiling with skylights, a fireplace, comfy reminds me of a fancy hotel.

Another view of the main room.

This is the Westminster room. GG's apartment opens out to this room. They play bingo, have movie night, speakers, music, game's their 'rec' room.
Here is the April snow storm we drove in returning to KC...4 wheel drive, 40 miles and hour for almost 2 hours.



Kimmy said...

Looks nice and she looks so happy. Thanks for going and for the pics.

Rebecca said...

Too stinking cool. Yeah GG!!!