Monday, September 24, 2007

26 Things My Dog Is Afraid Of

  1. Thunderstorms
  2. Fireworks
  3. Big Trucks
  4. The Vacuum Cleaner
  5. Hairdryers
  6. Bicycles
  7. Balloons
  8. Parades
  9. Chainsaws
  10. Skateboards
  11. Lawnmowers
  12. Weedeaters
  13. My Cell Phone
  14. The Microwave
  15. Jet Skis
  16. Wooden Docks
  17. Baths
  18. Fly Swaters
  19. Computer Printers
  20. Camera Flashes
  21. Tornado Sirens
  22. The UPS Guy (or maybe she wants to eat's hard to tell)
  23. Blenders
  24. Coffee Grinders
  25. The Basement
  26. And some unnamed thing tonight which may keep us both up all night.


June said...

And are we talking about that fearless blue heeler puppy here? Or Ms. Maggie?

Donna said...

but that sunny disposition and wet nose makes up for it all!!! woof! : )

Jenn said... was my darling blue heeler freak.
At 11pm she wanted to go out and then I couldn't get either her or Ms Maggs to come back into the house.
When they did come in they went up stairs and slept in the hot dark attic until it started thundering this morning...then they wanted to sleep with me...crazy dogs.

Kimmy said...

Not my dear sweet niece, she is perfectly sane.

Rebecca said...

I was gonna say that is totally Rescue. I have some awesome pictures of you and her I found in Grandma's pctures. I will scan and email them to wait...I might put them on my blog. ;)

MUD said...

I would say that dogs are dumb, but they are just dogs. You would laugh your butt off at the antics here as Grissy goes on cat patrol. She goes from window to window and back at a run. They met outside today and Grissy was a big chicken. She will bark her butt off from inside but not face to face. You would also love that Kenny is totally crazy about Grissy and the play they go through.