Tuesday, September 11, 2007

It's Only Been A Week...

Thanks to those of you who check back in hope that I'll post something already!

Just a few quick Tuesday thoughts:

1. Happy Birthday to my little sister - You are one of many great things that happened on September 11...don't let them take your day away.

2. God Bless this great country we live in. I love her with all her faults.

3. When you give your kid a new antibiotic, sleep lightly that first night. We ran a little guy the other night with a severe allergic reaction to a new antibiotic.

4. Trying to get 9 high school students to complete a task is a bit like training cats.

5. seems like there was more but I need to get showered and outta here...Petty Girls Do Lunch.


June said...

Happy Birthday to Kim!

Donna said...

YES...happy bday to Kimmy!!!!! Re the training cats comment...what do you mean? You mean your cats aren't perfectly trainable? : )