Sunday, December 02, 2007

Jenn and the Jackson....Three

We started kindergarten basketball yesterday, oye!

Poor little guys, they had absolutely no idea what was happening and just between you and me...neither did I.

We have an hour and they introduce a skill to the four teams all practicing in the gym. Then we practice for about 25 minutes and then they play a little 'game'.

Yes...we played a GAME on the first day...with five year olds.

It was not pretty.

I will just look forward to the end of our little season when we can marvel at how much they've learned. Please lord, let them learn...

I have nine little guys on my team...I have a Brian, a Grant, a Parker, an Austin, of course my Andrew, a Jack...and THREE Jacksons! When in doubt yell "Jackson"...bound to get someone's attention!

Speaking of attention I was very pleased with their ability to pay attention and follow instructions. Most of my eighth grade boys had difficulty with that. It's a nice change.


Donna said...

and who knows...? may have the next big jayhawk star on your team!!! you are a GREAT coach...have a wonderful season...

MUD said...

I loved the idea of the kids playing and not keeping score in a little league Dave played in. Until, we played a team that did and they just told the kids to keep running no matter what. They claimed they won at the end of the game and wouldn't line up to high five at the end of the game. I lost faith and went to the league and filed a complaint. All in all, it was kind of like wetting your pants in a dark suit, it gave me a warm feeling and no one noticed. I hope the kids love you like we do. BTW are you going to make it to your Mom's on the 22nd for the family get together?