Thursday, December 06, 2007

Spunky Bastard

My good friend June had brain surgery yesterday.

It's such a powerful sentence. Surgery. On her brain. Your brain is what makes It's where we store our memories, our beliefs, our likes, dislikes, everything.

8 hour surgery.

When I walked into the ICU this morning she was sitting in a chair, drinking coffee and reading the newspaper.


She's not fixed. She won't live forever...but then none of us will, will we?
But she was reading and drinking coffee. I was so tired I didn't even make any coffee and I couldn't focus enough to read the paper. Crazy.

You know, after the surgery. When everyone was so relieved and so tired and so sad about the things that the neurosurgeon told us. There was a lot of hugging. And some crying. I wanted so badly to hug and say "she's gonna be okay", "it's gonna be okay". And it will be. Really. Actually. But I just hugged.

And then there she was. With the paper.

What ever the coming months bring I know she will continue to amaze me.


Cindy said...

She is........amazing, isn't she? She will lead all of us through this and teach us, what else? Amazing things.

MUD said...

Life leads us to places we sometimes don't want to go. One of the good things about humans is our ability to deal with conflict/pain and move on. This last summer when it seemed like there was way too much to do I told Kenny, "Do your best and move on". I think that is really the only thing we can do and survive. The good news is that I find in most cases that my best is so superior to the work others do that I was successful. I know you are of that same work ethic and you will survive and excel in life. Love ya, MUD

Donna said...

amazing...and scrappy, too! I'M the one at a loss for words to voice my complete admiration for her...

Cindy said...

Yes, it is "scrappy", altho she is pretty spunky too isn't she??

Kathy said...

Boy, was she glad when I went home! Jambalaya for breakfast and a shower. She's good.

A huge THANK YOU and hug to all the "friends" for everything you've done and all you will do.