Thursday, September 11, 2008

101 Things

So here is a little undertaking some of my gal pals cooked up.

I am to pick 101 things that I will accomplish in the next 1001 days. My 1001 days began on September 1. They have to be simple things...things that can be started and finished in a day or two.

I'm good except 23 might require some travel and 19, 29 and 30 will need some preparation.

Mine will be posted on my side bar...I only have 35 but I'll be adding. I'll let you know as I check them off.

  1. Have lunch with Andrew at school.
  2. Write an actual letter to both of my Grandmothers.
  3. Plant trees in my backyard.
  4. Serve lunch at a shelter.
  5. Do a flip turn in the pool.
  6. Go to the zoo.
  7. Pick a light out for the kitchen.
  8. Build a compost container.
  9. Make a rain barrel.
  10. Learn how to use a chainsaw.
  11. Ride a tandem bicycle.
  12. Water ski.
  13. Go to Splash Cove with Andrew.
  14. Organize the pictures on my computer...and back them up.
  15. Wax my car.
  16. Go to a drive in movie.
  17. Take a walk in the pouring rain.
  18. Learn to play a song on the piano.
  19. Do another triathlon.
  20. Ride another century.
  21. Ride the entire Katy Trail again.
  22. Catch a big fish with my Dad.
  23. See Van Morrison live.
  24. Pay my last payment on my last credit card.
  25. Take a photography class.
  26. Go 48 hours without my cell phone. (not while on vacation)
  27. Go 48 hours without my laptop. (same)
  28. Go a week without the TV.
  29. Race my single.
  30. Run 3 miles without walking.
  31. Take my dogs to the dog park.
  32. Attend a holiday service at church.
  33. Bake a decent loaf of bread....from scratch.
  34. Sew something.
  35. Finish another Holiday Challenge


MUD said...

How About
36. Visit all the members of my family at least once.
37. Make a financial plan to make sure my retirement is all that I need it to be.
38. Talk about all the bad things I have seen on the job with a grief counselor. Make sure what happens on the job stays on the job.
39. Prepare myself for the end of the lives of the girls and a way I can cope without losing it. Is there room for more love in another companion?
40. Build a vision for what I would like my life to look like in 5, 10, 15 and 20 years. Write it down and revisit that plan on an annual basis.
41. Love, laugh and learn.


Donna said...

ok... now just how can I follow that commentary?! Good start, Jenn. Guess we better start trolling for Van Morrison tours!

MUD said...

Van Who? MUD

Kathy said...

Jenn--great list! I'm looking forward to seeing the rest of it.

Think about adding something silly!

Cindy said...

I can't really comment as I don't have my own list, but I am willing to help/accompanying others in completing others in things on their lists

Cindy said...

Ok, so that's two others I'm willing to offer my assistance with?!