Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Little Drummer Boy

(the videos don't have sound...bummer)

There is a small music store in Lawrence.

One of Andrew and I's favorite places to spend 30 minutes...looking around.

Today we wandered in and he asked if he could play the drum.

So he did.

He played and played and played. For an almost 7 year old he was pretty impressive.

In the middle of all the drumming his mother called. She could hear the drumming and we had a discussion about an upcoming birthday.

This drum set is headed to Shawnee so one little drummer boy can practice "every, every day".'s a suprise. He thinks I was just paying for drum sticks....

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MUD said...

Once upon a time on a trip to California we purchased Indian Drums for you and Bobby. To repay that kindness, Gene bought Dave a drum, a large one with drum sticks. What goes around comes around. What fine present do you think will pop up at your house for him to play? MUD