Wednesday, March 04, 2009

The Stupid Grin On My Face

There are some things going on in my life that have put a stupid grin on my face that I just can't seem to get rid of.

Many of you know that I rowed at KU when I was in college. It was probably my favorite time in my life. I loved be a part of the KU Crew team. I loved working hard. I loved winning. I loved rowing.

I went on after college to row at the elite level. I trained and competed with the United States Rowing team on and off for several years. I won a few national championship medals, raced at 3 Olympic trials and made a World Championship team where I had the privilege of competing with some of the fastest scullers in the world.

I returned to Kansas after my rowing days, got a job, began coaching and have always tried to support the KU Crew in any way I could. I cheer their successes, I spend hours on the phone with the coaches after their defeats. We loan each other boats, we trailer together.

Last Saturday they opened their new Boathouse. A long time coming. A beautiful building and a great group of kids and coaches. They asked for a photo of me as I am one of only 3 athletes from KU Crew to make a US National Team.

The photo now hangs in the hallway leading to the crew locker rooms. A place where all the kids can see. Where they can see what is possible.


I just got a phone call from the Crew coach.

They are naming a boat after me.

I'm floored.

And that stupid grin.

It'll be around a while.

(PS...when they christen the're all invited!)


Kimmy said...

That is sooooo awesome, maybe we can break a bottle of Shiner on the bow:)

Anonymous said...

And you're HOT... Have you lost weight? You had damned well better let us know about the christening ceremony... Hey, we always knew that you are Great! Guess it takes other a tad bit longer... Love Ya!

Amy said...

I remember when I was a kid I thought you we so cool and going to your competitions I was so proud to be your cousin. You have accomplished so many great things and you have been such a great role model for so many women. It's about time that everyone recognizes;) It's so cool to be related to a celebrity!

Amy said...

Oh, and by the way Mom and I still fight over your Kansas Crew sweat shirt;) She won by senority but I am coming to visit in May and I might just have to steal it again!

MUD said...

I have that same stupid grin on every time I think about you and your acomplishments. You always wear the gold medal in my book. Let us know when they are going to dedicate that boat. MUD

Cindy said...

Impressive! You deserve it - keep grinnin!

Kathy said...

What a great honor! My first thought also had to do with a bottle of something broken over the bow. Shiner sounds fitting. Would love to go to the ceremony!

Speaking of Shiner, there is a new Shiner Black and it's been giving John a stupid grin on his face. :P