Wednesday, July 01, 2009

What's In Your Car?

There was suppposed to be a nice post here about all the bazillon things that currently live in my car....but it has dissapeared into blog land.
Pretend we never were here.
Now go clean out your car.


Kathy said...

umbrella, ice scraper, mcdonald's napkins, proof of insurance, etc.

no fatties.

pretty clean and boring.

MUD said...

A weed Whacker, a gas can, tools, loding ramps for the mower and whatever debris from the week.
Why do you ask he replied? MUD

Cindy said...

2 filing boxes of work-related literature; right now recyclables; box of kleenex; umbrella; change; gum; couple bags of chips from lunch at Panera, maps, recyclable grocery bags, notebook, more work-related materials, flashlight, sunglasses, garage door opener, napkins, hand sanitizer, key to locking gas cap, a cross holding a CSL affirmation. Ok, so that's off the top of my head, who knows what else is lurking in there.

Clare said...

Sunglasses, GPS in its case, and my yoga mat. That's it. Well, a cd in the player and scraper in the trunk, but those are hidden from view!

I don't know how people keep so much stuff in their car, it would drive me insane! I saw a car a few weeks ago that literally had papers in the back set up to the bottom of the windows. I nearly gagged. Chaos!