Friday, July 31, 2009

Just Another Day In Upper Muncie

Somedays I realty feel like I've made a difference.
This is one of those days.
We've had four calls and each call we were not only needed but actually helped four families deal with difficult situations.
Now the little boy who came into the station with a flat tire on his bike, asked if I could help and left with two flat tires may tell you a different story.

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MUD said...

You don't have a flat tire repair kit at the station? I'm shocked. I never leave home without one.
I once bought a tube of the tire "no flat" stuff and shot the entire tube in my bike tire. I puched my bike two blocks to the gas station (down on Central) and shot it full of air. Guess what? 200 lbs of air makes a spectacular explosion when the tube is full of rubber cement. MUD