Thursday, June 14, 2007

225 Miles In 5 Days With 300 Of My Closest Friends

Next week I will be riding the Katy Trail with a group sponsored and supported by the Missouri State Parks.

The Katy Trail is the former rail bed of the MKT (Missouri, Kansas Texas) railroad. When the railroad stopped it's operations in Northern Missouri in 1986 the rail bed was turned into a long distance hiking and biking trail that runs more than 200 miles.

The National Trails System Act, which provides that railroad corridors no longer needed for active rail service can be banked for future transportation needs and used on an interim basis for recreational trails allowed the Missouri Department of Natural Resources to acquire the right of way. A generous donation funded much of the cost and in 1991 an additional 33 miles were added in western Missouri on unused Union Pacific Railroad. week my friend June (mama to Mel and no longer a lurker) and I will unplug and ride. Mike will join us for the final leg on Friday.

They post a daily journal in case you are interested in keeping up with us...Wild On The Katy


Anonymous said...

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Mz Jackson said...

I didn't know this about the Katy railroad bed and I find that highly interesting!