Sunday, June 24, 2007

The Great Chicken Caper

So...there was this chicken. She (and we are pretty sure she's a she) lives in the Respiratory office where my sister works.

And last week she went on an adventure.

Kim's coworker Sharon helped me 'birdnap' the chicken (the chicken got the nickname Elmira and we called her Ellie for short).

Ellie and I had some fun here in KC the first few days... We went to Starbucks with Donna

Shopped for groceries

Went on a test bike ride

and even went to rowing practice.

She seemed like a nice enough chicken and so I decided to take her on vacation.

But first I had to make some plans...and make some ransom notes. You see they had noticed that the chicken was missing and, was getting kinda fun.

Note number one I planned to leave on Kim's car at work but when I got there she had parked in front of the smoking area and about 20 people where out smoking...I couldn't be seen!

I knew Kim was going to be at the hospital for a few hours so I waited, found her car in the hospital parking lot...she called me later so amused that 'someone from her office had driven all the way to the hospital'. She'd had a rough morning and needed the distraction.

I took some pictures and typed some notes. Addressed them to Kim and her coworkers and left them with Donna for mailing while June and I were riding the Katy.

I made her a nice little Chicken seat for the back of my bike, packed our stuff and off we went.

My friend June and I planned to ride the entire length of the Katy Trail in Missouri...with a chicken...and a little pink troll that was traveling with June.

We had a blast!

This is a big rock where they've marked the water height of the many floods.

We met many, many new friends.

Here we are on the last day...Mike rode from St Charles and Joined us for the last day.

The Chicken had a trip journal and she wanted everyone to sign it.

She was very popular.

She likes caves...

She's not afraid of heights...

She was so tired she took a nap in the bus on the way home.

This morning she was returned to the Respiratory Office...they were happy to see her.

And suprised that I was the birdnapper.


Kimmy said...

So darn funny!

MUD said...

Great Story. I would have loved to go on that trip with you. Was the trail pretty much gravel? I fall down in gravel, a lot. MUD

Anonymous said...

Nicely done! Hey who is that guy in the white tshirt? Looks like the chicken might be very interested! :-)

Yeehaw---only 358 days until Katy 2008...hide yer chickens!