Sunday, October 19, 2008

And The Winner Is...

Yep...we did some serious winning this weekend at the Lenexa Chili Challenge.
This was our 5th year of competing and persistence pays!
We won Homestyle Chili with my brother in law's rockin chili.
We finished 8th in Homestyle with my firehouse chili.
(there were 150 Homestyle entries)
We won the Salsa division with my salsa.
We were third in Salsa with Austin's salsa fixn's.
(60 salsa entries)
We were robbed in wings....Steve finished third last year and his wings were awesome.
And we entered the CASI division for the first time this year. We'll keep working on our CASI chili. (CASI is chili with no filler...just meat and sauce)
Giving my Homestyle chili a stir.
Steve and Kenny discussing the finer points of chili...
Our Halloween themed booth.
Dave and Riley came to cheer on the team on Saturday.
Here's the whole gang.
With our bling.
All hands working.
Working on the salsa.
I'm getting some tips from the head chili chef.
My favorite guys!
The winners!


MUD said...

OK, so what's your secret on the salsa? I make a red and a Mango salsa that I like.
Great Pictures. MUD

Manda said...

Wow...nice pictures...who took 'em?

Jenn said...

Why my wonderful roomie Manda took most of them...and Austin took a few and I think the guy from across the way took the group...

Donna said...

looks like a great time... wish i could have been there!!! next year...

Kathy said...

Oh...if it wasn't for homework!

Sounds like awesome eats. :)

Cindy said...

Hey, way to go Cedar Creek Smokers!! Shelly and I came out Friday night and sampled Kenny's chili and Steve's wings - two thumbs up fer sure! Glad to see you all got some well-deserved recognition.

MUD said...

Let me know if you need some hickory wood for smoking. MUD

Amy said...

Congrats on the winnings! I am very impressed with Austin's win too. I didn't know he was such a chef. Hate that I missed it. I have had your chili's before and they are always delicious. I think I will make Keith cook me some chili tonight!