Saturday, October 11, 2008

Apparently I'm Taking A Blogging Break

I didn't realize it but actually I think that is what has happened.

Things are busy and I don't seem to be able to carve out the creative moments. I'm doing a lot of fun things and it's been a great fall.

October is very busy. I'll be popping in now and then to share some important thought.

So...see you then.


Kathy said...

Me too! It's like the days are flying by and I'm either working, eating, doing homework or sleeping!

Anonymous said...

Maybe you're just too tired of political chatter to think of anything but candidates and the economy. Whatever happens, we're in a mess. Let's all pray that the Bail Out works (Ugh) and that whoever the politicians are, they will do the right things. I don't mean just wish, I mean Pray, Pray,

MUD said...

We just got back from a trip out west and it was a nice break to not blog for a week.
We ran into a fire fighters class in Elko and the hotel there was filled with firemen. They were attending a class in Carlin on Flamible fuels fires. I couldn't help but talk to them and share the story that you and Kris are both in the fire business. I am proud of both of you.