Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Some Things That Are Bouncing Around In My Head

When I see gas as cheep as it's getting I have an almost uncontrollable urge to stop...even if I don't need gas.

If a man and a woman reach a door at the same it unreasonable for the woman to expect that the man will get the door?

Where the heck did all my time go?

I really hate coaching this time of year. It's cold in the launch and really I'm just done.

I have cool friends. If I could get all of them in one place for a

I LOVE my dogs. It's hard watching them slow down. They are healthy and happy but I am beginning to feel pangs of longing for a puppy.

I could finish my 100 things but I'd be adding things just to fill it out...not things I actually want to do.

My feet are cold.

Yeah...that's about it.


MUD said...

Opening the door for a lady is something that my generation grew up with. Your generation taught the young men that is was sexist so they don't hold the door. Pay your half of the dinner bill, ask a guy out once in a while and live like an equal. The young men of today didn't make the rules so they just play along. I too want a puppy but the MG tells me to go out in the yard and play with the two dogs I have. MUD

Kimmy said...

I believe the man should always open the door for the woman but if I get there first I will open for all to enter

Anonymous said...

Socks help cold feet. I always end up loosing them sometime overnight but can,t get to sleep if my feet are cold. Dogs help as well but we either had one that wanted to sleep in the middle of the bed or one that wouldn't get in the bed at all. Oh well!
Love Aunt Sue

Cindy said...

The gas thing - me too.

The woman/man door thing - not unreasonable in my opinion, but I have been known to open the door for a man also.

Where did the time go? Wondering the same thing - geez Louise!

No coaching for me.

You are one of my cool friends.

Love the dogs too - all of them that I have a stake in (:
No longings for a puppy tho.

I can't seem to finish 10 things - think we'd better forget 100.

Amy said...

I think it's sad that we get excited about the gas prices. They should have never gone that high to begin with.

The door thing...moving to the south I have realized that down here men still open the door. They even hold it for me after I opened it for them and say "ladies first". That's kind of nice.

I know how you feel about your dogs. I miss that skunky puppy breath and ability to amuse its self with a simple game of tail chasing. Of course having a baby cured me of that for awhile at least;)

As for cold feet...wool socks and a puppy pile is the cure.

Rebecca said...

I love this post...your cute...and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!