Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Below Average

My thoughts on bowling.
  1. I really suck.
  2. It's great fun.
  3. I will need to get my own shoes...the whole 'other people have had their feet in these shoes..." eewww.
  4. I really suck.
  5. We have 14 weeks to improve.
  6. Oh yeah...I am not so good.


MUD said...

Will it ever end? First shoes, then a good ball and bag, matching shirts and then where do you carry the bowling ball on your bike? Dang, the tough questions just go on and on. Bowl while you can, my back just can't do it anymore. MUD

Anonymous said...

I quit bowling when I was about your age. Left all my gear when I left the first husband. It really tore up my elbow but now that is about the only joint in my body that works without some pain.
Lunch in Lawrence Wednesday?
Love Aunt Sue