Monday, January 26, 2009

One Reason A Day Off Is Good

I had the day off yesterday...and today...and the day before yesterday when this fun little job began. I took my camera down this afternoon and took some pictures. There's not much interior work being done due to the dangerous conditions. Lots of standing around watching hose lines and freezing.
The guys are watching the bulldozer turn some of the still burning building over onto itself.
It's crazy cold out there!
There are master streams set up to continually put water on the fire.
And I've been home...nice and warm.


Cindy said...

It is impressive tho, and beautiful in an "in spite of the destruction" kind of way.

Kimmy said...


MUD said...

Makes me appreciate all the work done by our public servants. Another reason I would personally like to hang more gold medals around your neck. MUD