Sunday, August 02, 2009

If I Was The Boss Of This Blog I'd Fire Me

I would...
Now I can make all sorts of excuses. I've been busy. I've been out of town. I had to get up early. I had to coach. I had to go to work (scratch that, I didn't actually work much in July).
I think those are all part of it. The getting up early...that kicked my butt. I might just now be starting to feel rested. I'm not as young as I used to be and 4:45am is awful dadgum early.
That and Facebook has gotten in my way. All those little snippets of 'humor' that used to inspire a blog post are now 6 words on Facebook and I move on.
But I love this blog. I've written some good stuff here. Ya'll have read and commented (even when I didn't want you to) and come back even when I only post 5 times in one month. Sad.
So here is my pledge.
I'm going to rerun some of my favorites from this blog. And something about purposeful neglect always inspires me to get my blogging butt going.
Stay tuned...


Anonymous said...

I still have not figured out facebook. I don't know how to make a comment that will go to all my friends. Oh Well
Aunt Sue

Cindy said...

Looking forward to the reruns...

Kimmy said...

I can't wait for new posts I love your blog!

Amy said...

I agree...FaceBook has taken over but and it is just non-sense really. Blogs are more personal and insightful. I mean, who really cares what someone is eating right now? Or my favorite how busy they are at work. Really? If you're so busy than why are you on Facebook?!