Monday, March 05, 2007

Manic Monday #3

So, Today's word is BLOW.
It is spring, we are moving to the lake today, we do live in the land of 50 mile an hour winds.
Here's a little poem....

The Wind

Can you hear the wind
Been blowing all day long
That same old wind
That blew yesterday away
We are all afraid
Both animal and bird
Of mother nature
Telling us to move along
That unrelenting wind
Both hot and dry
Cold and rain
The wind wont slow
I cant seem to grow fond
Of the restless wind
Perhaps one day
It will fade away

written on a windy day 2004

allan james saywell

And a little prayer...

Please God, give us calm waters and sunny days.
Help me to teach these young hearts.
Give them strength and confidence and the courage to face the defeats along with the victories.



A.J.Reams said...

...and a well written poem it is. Very nice!

I almost lost my front door today due to the darn wind!

Rebecca said...

That blows...teehee.