Thursday, March 01, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #8

Thirteen Random Things About I Love About Spring Rowing...

1. Novice Rowers asking "will I get big muscles?"
2. The Varsity girls showing off for the novies...just a little.
3. The anticipation of our first day on the water (Tuesday, hopefully!)
4. The Spring race schedule
5. Laura calling and telling me she's not moving until after Topeka!!!!!!Yeah!!!!
6. A potential novice eight...yes, an eight!
7. The seniors and their erg scores.
8. The kids in tees and shorts, Laura, Ed and I freezing to death in the coaching launch.
9. The trailer loaded for the first time since fall.
10. Worrying about the dock during the first big spring storm.
11. Nine million emails about signing up for this or for that.
12. Rescue and Mags and their first spring practice.
13. Finally being OUTSIDE!!!!


Robin said...

Those first "outdoor" days of spring are great! Have fun with the rowing, and thanks for visiting my blog.

Crystal said...

Ooh, rowing looks so hard. Or maybe I'm just a big wimp. :)

Happy TT!

Marcia said...

Rowing must be awesome.