Monday, July 30, 2007

Home At Last

We did some shopping. Granny and Grandpa found some shoes for Aus! Yeah!
Shopping wears a little guy out...thank goodness for Brother's shoulder.
The guys did a lot of fishing.
Grandpa had to put the worms on.
Aus got a new hat.

AJ played and played and played in the pool.
We rode the jet skis.
Even AJ went for a ride. (he likes the green one better...go figure)

We didn't have nearly enough pool toys.
AJ played with his 'boats'.
"Brother" in the pool.

Granny's tree needed watering.
AJ caught a fish. So did Aus.
AJ learned how to use the camera.


MUD said...

I didn't know Santa Clause was bald? Great Pics. It reminded me of how many times Dave watered the trees. Live in the country and it is natural. MUD

Rebecca said...

Love the one of AJ watering the tree. LOL!!!