Monday, July 02, 2007

I'm Gonna Need A New Name Tag

To go with my new promotion!
Now they actually let me hold the title of driver!
And I get a few more cents a pay check!
Yipee for me!
I will be leaving my guys at Station #10 and that will be really hard. They have been my family for the last 8 years...maybe someday I can get back there. And hopefully I will land at a station with guys as great as mine.
I won't know where I'll be permanently for several weeks/months. The bid process takes a while and I will rove until then, filling openings at various stations. If everything goes the way I hope I should at least be able to stay on second shift never knows.
Now, not only will I have all the rowing club stuff in my car but I will also have all my fire gear!


June said...

Sounds like you might need a real jungle a Suburban, or maybe a Hummer-well they do look pretty WIDE and all. Maybe a mobile home? CONGRATULATIONS! It's ABOUT TIME!

MUD said...

So what is the rank? Driver? Sgt? LT? Couldn't happen to a nicer person. MUD

Jenn said...


Kimmy said...

Congrats my sis, we shall have to do some celebrating this weekend!

Odat said...

Hey hey...Congrats!!!!!!

Rebecca said...

YEAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't wait to tell Kris he will be so proud!!!! You are so awesome!!!

Rebecca said...

Oh...I am proud, too by the way. *hugs*