Thursday, July 05, 2007

Some Thoughts About Summer

I've thought a lot about this summer and the different path the Juniors have taken.

I was concerned, early on, about the lack of competitive opportunities and the great distance we'd have to travel to Nationals. We had a small group that was to make the very expensive trip. A small group to do the hard work.

We decided not to go. To stay home. Maybe we'll try the Head of the Charles in October...

As we have moved into July (and it seems like it gone very fast!) I have begun to feel good about summer. It's been relaxed. We've had time to spend in singles, we've rowed the four...Ed has rowed with the kids. Everyone has had a lot of coaching and really improved.

Remember when we were kids (my generation....) summers were long days spent sleeping 'till noon. Sunny afternoons at the pool or Sherwood beach. Hanging out with neighborhood friends as the evenings cooled.

Seems like today kids are scheduled, camped, sports teamed, activitied half to death.

What happened to summer?

I didn't realize how much I missed it.

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June said...

Hear you about summer! Play like you mean it this weekend!