Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Well...I Did It...Crazy, I Know.

My cell phone died and it seemed silly to spend $50-$100 on a phone I know I don't want only to buy this one eventually.
So... if I call you randomly and hang up it's because I haven't yet figured out how to use the dang thing and it seems to want to call everyone...even when I'm just trying to turn it off.
(and if I don't call you at all it's because when my cell died it took all my phone numbers with it!)


June said...

Oh my. Do you have the same cell phone number? Can I send you video clips from home now? Yes, as scary as it is, I DO own a camera, just haven't hooked her up yet....You guys are gonna be so put off when you get the singing videos from now on...and my first violin concerto. Rock on, Driver J.

Jenn said...

same number, less money.
bring on the fiddle, my friend!

Donna said...

you are such a gadget girl! : )

MUD said...

Just yesterday I lost the first and only cell phone I have ever had. It was a disposable so I guess nothing ventured, nothing gained. MUD