Wednesday, August 01, 2007


I've been tagged by Bec...

Five Things In My Frig

1. Fresh green grapes, cleaned and ready to eat.
2. Fresh cilantro, my favorite!
3. 42 small containers of apple sauce (too expensive to send to what do I do with it?)
4. 6 week old home made pesto...kinda afraid to open it.
5. A half flat bottle of Dr Pepper (my brother's calling card)

Five Things In My Closet

(This is easy since my closet will only hold five things)
1. Shirts (most of which I never wear)
2. Shoes (most of which I never wear)
3 Sweaters (most of which I never wear)
any one seeing a pattern here?
4. Sweatshirts (most...yada, yada, yada)
5. Jeans

Five Things In My Purse/Backpack
(Since I currently seem to not be carrying either I will give you 5 things in my coaching bag)

1. electrical and athletic tape
2. stroke watch
3. 16 pens (and not a single one works)
4. dead stroke coach batteries
5. 3 7/16 wrenches

Three Things In My Car

1. A TV
2. 14 Mc Donalds wheel thingys that come in those kids meals
3. A lint roller
4. Pool floats
5. 4 pairs of shoes

Five Things In The World That I'd Like To See Before I Die

1. The 'Tour De France"
2. Greece
3. The Galapagos Islands
4. The Grand Canyon
5. The McLeod Castle in Scotland


Donna said...

sounds like there's a tdf in our future! should take a day to simplify!...toss the pesto, pens, batteries, wheel thingies...and make a trip to the good will... : )

Jenn said...

oh there are just other things to take their place...