Thursday, October 18, 2007

Are You A Chronic Overpacker?

Well...I am.

I really don't understand those people (my stepmother is one of them) who can travel with one pair of black pants, two shirts and a jacket and make it work for an entire week.

First off, I don't have one pair of pants that can take me from Regatta site to dinner out. VERY different activities.

And my jeans...well, I can maybe wear them twice and then they look like I've been in them all week. So that's two (actually 3 'cause I'm wearing a pair on the plane) pairs of jeans.

Now for shirts. When I'm 'working' at a regatta. I'm WORKING. Not the place for anything other than a t-shirt/sweatshirt combo. And trust me they won't be fit to wear again on the trip...I don't even like to have to put them back in my bag to come home. SO that's 3 t-shirts, plus one to sleep in, plus 3 shirts to wear in the evenings when I should look slightly presentable. Total-7 shirts.

Then misc. stuff. Sleep pants, a khaki jacket to wear in the evenings, my rain suit because it WILL rain, two pairs of shoes-slip on clogs to fly in and heavy duty sneakers for regatta time, my big bulky sweatshirt-I'll carry it on, my camera, my laptop, a book, my coaching bag-rolled up in the suitcase.

This trip has an extra burden. I have to take all the boatrigging and coaching things with me, cox box, wrenches, speed coach, boat towel, tape, extra hardware, pitch meter.

Seriously, it looks like I'm moving out.

And I'm only going for a few days.

PS A big THANKS to my little cousin Amanda. She's moving in for the weekend to hang out with my lovies. She'll love on them and I feel very fortunate.


June said...

Have a great trip! Even if you are set to spend the rest of the fall in New least it's pretty this time of year! GOOD LUCK!!!

MUD said...

I packed my things for the six day trip in one large suitcase. Barb decided that I should get it all in one smaller case with wheels. Problem came on the way home when the tightly packed case would not carry the additional sweatshirt/pants and shirts I bought. Somewhere out in the great dumpster in Boise there is a collection of baggy cords and underwear that I just couldn't fit to make it home. I won't even talk about the camera case and computer case that added 50 lbs to my burden. My laptop decided that three years is just too long for the battery to survive so without a plug it was a boat anchor. There are WiFi hooks ups about everywhere. and some I used that weren't supposed to be there. Oh well, Good LUck...MUD

Donna said...

i feel your pain...and i think YOU are a good packer!!! can you imagine what the heap of hurt would look like if it were ME packing? have a great trip... ROW FAST!!!!