Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Today...It's Good To Be A KCK Firefighter

Well, actually it's good most days but today I feel inspired and re energized.

We have a new Fire Chief and New Battalion Chiefs. Everyone is excited about the positive changes that are coming.

October is Fire Prevention month and the second week is inspection week here. We clean the stations top to bottom, scrub the toilets, the kitchens and the rigs. We mop and wax the floors and clean the windows. We attack every cobweb.

Then...on inspection day, we get all gussied up in our clean, pressed uniforms, our shiny black shoes and our ties. The chiefs come by one at a time and visit. They compliment us on the work we've done and we visit about the up coming year.

This inspection was very significant as we got to talk to the 'new guard'.

About 2:00 this afternoon our new fire chief arrived.

He's young. He's smart. He's progressive. He values all of us.

The Chief stayed for about an hour. When he left I felt like going through the training book, catching plugs, driving territory. Working, running, lifting, learning. Doing things that will make me a better leader and a better firefighter.

I was interested to see what he had to say.

I didn't expect to be so inspired.

I'm proud to be a firefighter. I'm proud of my department and I'm proud of the guys I work with. I feel very fortunate to work for this guy.

(and this station is kick ass clean!)


Anonymous said...

Happy Fire Prevention Month to YOU!!! Thanks for doing what you do, Jenn...you are GREAT at it!!! gb

MUD said...

Pride in what you do makes a job easy to do, well. I am proud that KC is united around their chief as opposed to Topeka that is unified in their hat for their chief. MUD

June said...

Go DJ! Glad to hear that you are inspired, makes work more fun!

Kathy said...

The kiddos at school visited the fire station this week and have been sporting their shiny, red, plastic fire hats. (so cute!) They think firefighters are the coolest! A vacant house in town burned to the ground the other night. That added to their excitement when they walked past and could smell the debris. By the way, I LOVE kick ass clean!!!

Myrna Ikenberry said...

We are so proud of you. Last night we were talking about your progress and just are amazed at all you do.
Love Aunt Sue

Rebecca said...

I am proud of you. You are the best. See ya next week!!!