Tuesday, October 30, 2007

A Lot To Catch Up On...Not A Lot Of Time

First is the tale of a boat. Minding it's own business on a trailer. Made a long trip from the midwest only to be crunched less than a mile from the race course. Not a great way to begin our journey.
The wonderful guys at Vespoli loaned the girls a boat, new and almost like the one they were used to rowing.Some pre race jitters...Theirs...
But mostly mine...Off they went.
Like they spend every weekend at the worlds largest head race. They raced very well. Improving the gap between them and the team from Minnestoa by over 30 seconds. Racing at a higher rate and with more intensity then they'd shown all fall.
Post race debriefing.Cutest team on the water! Mollie and I
Elizabeth and Haley
Meghan and Kit
A cozy ride back to the hotel.
The team and one of our Dads...Thanks Tim!Some more great parents, Kathy, Cory, Marty and Pat.
We can't do what we do without you!

One more KCRC athlete competed...Way to go Greg!


MUD said...

Now this is what I was talking about. Pictures, pictures and more pictures.
Was that all that tough? Great bunch of young rowers. MUD

Anonymous said...

I'm w/ MUD. GREAT pix,sb...thanks for sharing!!! gb : )

cindywiklund said...

I'm with MUC and gb, these are great pix! Way to go team!!

cindywiklund said...

oops, MUD, not MUC