Monday, May 05, 2008

Ever Have One Of Those Glorious Days...

We had one yesterday.

Saturday was windy and frustrating.

I'd packed up my rowers and their boats and we'd made the early morning drive over to Lake Shawnee in Topeka.

We sat around until one raced...and then we came home.

Sunday was a better day.

A much better day.

The kids raced. They experienced wins and loses, frustration and elation. There were smiles and tears, naps and mad libs. A lot of laughter.

They practiced making squeaking noises with blades of grass...there was a lot of that. And some game that involved a rock.

Parents made sandwiches, took pictures, applied sunscreen, took pictures. Fetched oars, water bottles and shoes...and took pictures. They visited, read the paper and cheered until they were horse. Oh yeah...they took pictures.

My kids received multiple compliments. From the officials, other coaches...other parents.

We helped each other. Paid attention. Listened. We were prepared. They were on time. Handled their equipment with confidence.

I've coached for a long time. I'm pretty good at it. But sometimes I get a little stale. It's not that I don't love the kids...I just get...I don't know, stale?

Then they give me a day like yesterday.

6 golds
8 silver
3 bronze


Donna said...

bling! bling! bling! you are an awesome coach. the kids are who they are muchly because of you, and the other way around, as well. don't you just love those days that you get a breath of new life?

MUD said...

I think this was one of the first regattas I have ever missed coming over to see you and the team. I'm sorry that I didn't get to see you. I was out on a mower doing what mowers do. MUD
Yes, for important apologies I will authenticate.

Cindy said...

Whoo Hooo, way to go! I'm smilin for ya! Better watch that "I may be stale" talk - Donna will pitch ya like a furry cucumber, just ask June (:

Kathy said...

I saw that furry cucumber. You don't want any of that!

Way to go, Coach!

Rebecca said...

You rock!!! Congrats!!! Can't wait to see you!!!