Friday, May 09, 2008

A Little Insanity

Busy, busy, busy...oh so busy.

Here is a picture of the gang from last weekend...picture them with a bunch of bling!

We worked 10 hours on the boatyard yesterday...most of the racks are in the ground. We have some cross bars to attach and we're almost moved in. And I can't raise my arms above my head and glutes are very sore.

Congrats to my folks who have a new addition to their family. Little Maggie Sue has come to stay. She's a four month old blue heeler mix, sweet disposition, laid back and apparently gets car sick. I can't wait to meet her.

Manda stopped by the community college yesterday and picked up admission proud of her!

Good luck to the Cedar Creek Smokers, cooking this weekend at the BBQ contest in Lawrence.

I'm off to OK City for Central District Championships. Go KCRC!

And then spending the rest of the weekend in Tulsa with my folks, grandma, uncle and cousins.

Happy Mother's day to all the mom's and a special thanks to Kimmy for inviting me to the Mother's Day celebration with Andrew's class this morning.


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Anonymous said...

Go KCRC at Centrals! Yeah, I'm quite sore from the marathon 'construction' day, too.

One more thing, don't let your dog eat soap...