Saturday, May 17, 2008

Who Needs An Alarm Clock

This little darling has been creating a racket since sometime around 6am. With all the windows open it was hard to sleep through.

I think he/she is a Grackle. They nest in the ginormous pine tree next to my house. Their babies fall out of the nest fairly regularly and I've taken several to Operation Wildlife. They've told me that Grackles are not great parents and they see a lot of their youngsters.

I looked around on the ground to see if there was a runaway...or would it be 'flyaway'...or 'fallaway' chicks on the ground that I could see but the noise continues.

(and just a note...spell check didn't flag 'ginormous'...who it really a word? I did however misspell 'they, their and regularly')

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Anonymous said...

I can't seem to leave a message on the blonds blog. I need instructions. Don't you love early birds. We have an early dog. When Ray gets up around four to go to the bathroom, he wakes up the dog who then has to go out. He blames the whole thing on the dog.
Love, Aunt Sue