Thursday, May 15, 2008

In The Interest Of Full Disclosure

My post yesterday may have left the impression that my yard is all brightness and blooms...sadly this is not the case.

This is the little side garden that I hope will be beautiful blackeyed susans, decorative grass and some dianthus...but my darling Maggie seems to think it's a great place to lay and dig.
This cactus has some unidentified funk.
FYI...corn plants DO NOT like full sun...just so ya know.
A bit more regular watering and a bigger pot would help this peace lily.
Like my siding project on the shed? Yeah...not quite done.
This is/will be a fire pit in the front I get the weeds and dog toys cleaned out.

The buterfly bush needs some pruning.
Remnants of the never ending fence project. Fence looks good though.
Plastic planters should be moved prior to burning the grasses from last summer...

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Chile said...

Wow, is that all your dirty little yard secrets or do you have more? ;-)