Saturday, January 27, 2007

Membership Looks Different But It's Really the Much the Same

This year KCRC will be going to an online membership registration system using Regatta Central.

This change will allow us to streamline our record keeping, communicate more effectively with existing and potential members and accept online payments and waivers.

As with any new system there will be an adjustment period.

I hope this post will answer some questions.

1. The Spring and Fall structure for the Juniors will not change. There is a slight fee adjustment (down, not up for once)

2. The Summer Junior program will be geared toward only those athletes interested in and capable of the high level of competition needed to race at US National Championships. These athletes will be chosen after a confidential meeting in the late spring between the athlete and the coaching staff. This should alleviate the pressure from teammates to participate if time or funds is an issue. Athletes wishing to row in the summer but not compete at Nationals may join the Adult programs in the evenings. If an athlete wants to race at Nationals and the coaching staff can boat that athlete in a competitive boat they will be given the opportunity.

3. Adult members will first need to pay the KCRC 2007 membership fee. All adults will need to pay this membership fee prior to signing up for specific programs. (this membership fee also replaces the 'supporting member' option)

4. Members with private equipment not wishing to participate in coached rowing should choose "Log Book Rowing". The cost for these members remains much the same as always. They are not paying for any extra coaching.

5. Members wishing to use club equipment and participate in "Coached rows" will then choose Spring, Summer and or Fall rowing. These are priced separately to allow those rowers who wish to only row one or two seasons to do so.

6. Boat storage fees are handled as always except they can now be paid for online.

There has been a slight increase in membership dues. Due mostly to an 100% increase in insurance costs. As you all should know we are working towards beginning construction of a boathouse at the river, we hope in 2007. We also will construct a permanent enclosure at the lake at the Boy Scout Cove. We should be rowing out of our new lake home this spring.

Call me if you have questions, or email or post here.

Go fast!


*..Melanie Ann..* said...

So far I love being 18. I think this has been the best year of my teenage years! =) How are you doing?

Rebecca said...

What about Pet Friday and post cool things about your pets or a picture of your pet. I know how about a picture of all the chocolate Rescue threw up. LOL!!!