Thursday, January 25, 2007

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen very random thoughts...

1. Dogs are warm.
2. Where are those riggers for that old double...
3. How was Tina's trip? Did the kids do okay?
4. How 'bout those Hawks!!!!
5. Is two weeks on the erg enough for the girls...I hope they are already working.
6. I need to get a new coffee maker.
7. I wonder how the fishing will be this spring.
8. Will my boys play better on Sunday, we've had two great practices.
9. Wonder what it's like to be in Iraq? I hope Ed's really doing okay.
10. I need to get my tires rotated.
11. Where are my training DVD's?
12. I have so much work to do on schedules and programs...
13. How will we replace Laura. (that one keeps popping up, doesn't it)


Darla said...

LOL! That is random!

star8278 said...

Great, affordable coffee makers at Wal-Mart, lol. Thanks for stopping by my TT!!!

Skittles said...

Great list.. I love doggies! We have a Bunn coffepot. A bit pricey but made to last and a whole pot of coffee in about 2 minutes :)