Friday, January 26, 2007

Mission Accomplished

Only took one dose.


MUD said...

Which little doggy got to barf? Had to be rescue because she is the only one tall enough to really get up in anything.
There is a series called "Hank the Cow Dog" that I have been reading and love. It has a lot of little stories in it that are like minature life lessons that are fun to talk about with the kids. Becky has listened to them on CD as she travels with the kids and loves them. The sixth graders at Tecumseh South are reading a book called "The Watsons go to Birmingham" and man is that ever a great book with all sorts of fun things and a cold dose of reality about our poor Civil Rights actions in the 50's.

Jenn said...

Yes, indeed, it was my darling Rescue. Mags is usually the naughty one who gets into things she shouldn't but 'Scue held her own yesterday. She was having a grand time until I penned her with my knees, held her mouth open and poured in the hydrogen peroxide. I don't think she liked that very much. I didn't like cleaning up the result, either.
We both survived and are still friends.
I LOVE Hank the Cow Dog.