Thursday, January 18, 2007

Thirteen Things I'm Working On/Stressing About

1. How in the world we will replace Laura.
2. How to integrate/accomplish an outreach program with WIN.
3. When, exactly, to schedule a Spring rowing league.
4. How to motivate myself to get all the planning done.
5. How we are going to pick up two ergs from K-State.
6. The best way to recruit Juniors for the Spring.
7. Why I can't maintain some level of activity to keep me from feeling like a slob.
8. How I'm going to afford to go to Cincinnati for Youth Nationals.
9. How to get the kids ready so they will do well at Centrals, then I won't have to pay my own way to Cincinnati.
10. Using Regatta Central for our registrations.
11. Will we EVER have a boathouse.
12. Whether or not I should go back to school and get my Master's (not to mention, in what!)
13. Did I mention replacing Laura...


MUD said...

Can I fit two erg machines in the back of the 53 Pickup? Where would they need to go when I had them? Loved your last post. Time flies when you are having fun and the past 16 years flew by.

Jenn said...

yes they would...I could come get them in a good excuse to come visit!