Friday, February 02, 2007

Pet Friday

Why I sit on the floor.
(There's actually a fairly nice couch under the dog (and cat) blankets)


XENO said...

Hello from Xeno
Check out my latest blog entry on my former coach Harry Mahon. You might find some interesting thoughts on rowing technique.
All the best,
Olympic Gold and Silver Medalist
Barcelona, Atlanta, Sydney

XENO said...

Great photos of your pets!

*..Melanie Ann..* said...

Thanks for your comment. I didnt really roll my eyes. I asked for everyone's opinion and I treasure your opinion and I think its good that you can be open with me and help me through my life. I need some moral support with this life thing because its hard.
Yeah I love Kyle with all my heart and I think that we will end up together but who knows what will happen in our future.
But you will be happy to know that I talked to Kyle and he told me to go with my friend because we can spend any time together. He told me that he wanted me to go out and have a girls night and just have fun. So thats my choice.
Thanks Aunt Jenn. Love you too =)

Skittles said...

My dog sleeps on out couch all the time. If we want to use it we have to vacuum it first :)

Cute pets. They sure look comfy :)

*..Melanie Ann..* said...

Kyle is a really good guy and it treats me like I am a queen. =) I remember when I was little my mom would always say "Mel never date a man unless he treats you as good as Big Daddy treats me." And thats how Kyle treats me.
I hope you have a good weekend too. The girls tonight are going to go out to eat and then to a pagant to watch our friend compete for Miss Skiatook.