Monday, February 05, 2007

"Yes Sir, I'll ask my dog to get off the bed."

What do dogs do when it's 8 degrees outside? Why, they come with me and hang out at the fire station.

The Chief came by earlier...wasn't too excited to see Rescue on the bed. When he left I helped Mags up, too. He he...

(I'm really not one of those people who blogs on and on about my pets. It's just that it's 8 degrees outside and we've been spending A LOT of time together.)


*..Melanie Ann..* said...

Mom lets Roy in the bed with her when Dad is at the station. He keeps her feet warm..=)
He usually sleeps in his sock basket..=)
Love you too Aunt Jenn

Rebecca said...

Yes...but as of late he has been sleeping in the bed with both of us. But, he naps in the sock basket.

Kimmy said...

Too cute!