Wednesday, June 25, 2008


I was the kid in elementary school who always felt like I didn't belong. I had friends in the neighborhood but never really any at school.

I didn't have what I would call a 'best' friend until Junior High. I met D the first day. Our lockers were close. She was also tall and she was nice. Soon we were attached at the hip. Lunch, weekends, summer.

I moved half way through 7th grade and she followed to the same neighborhood and school the beginning of eighth.

Several friends were added to our circle in the next few years and we have maintained that group for the most part into adulthood.

D and I went to separate colleges. She in St Louis. Me at KU. After graduation she moved to Boston and our friendship became once a year emails and updates from mutual friends.

Her mother died this week and several of us went over to the services.

As we were standing around after visiting and catching up all I could think was...


The resemblance is almost creepy. Their laugh, facial expression, hand gestures. D is tall, majored in music, is the youngest daughter with two older brothers.

It seems...that I searched for my first best friend...and found my last.

Who knew.


Kimmy said...

D was always my favorite friend of yours growing up so it just makes sense now because Donna is my favorite now! Love to them both.

Anonymous said...

How nice that you got to see D again. How sad the circumstance. Give D my condolences. I didn't realize that her mom still lived at Lake Sherwood. Love you!

Kathy said...

Very touching!

Donna said...

I very much look forward to meeting her sometime, Jenn. Life is funny, isn't it? I'm always amazed at the way it seems to circle back around in ways that are too big and complex to 'get' until the answer comes to us in a gigantic AHA! moment...

Donna said...

ps... love you, Kimmy!!! : )