Sunday, June 08, 2008

The Two Towel Rotation

(this is either a post about laundry...showering...or the crazy humidity
...if the thought of reusing a bath towel uggs you out skip this one)

I reuse my towel. Have for a long time. Probably started when I lived in Philly where I had to schlep my laundry three blocks down to the scary laundry mat next to the Shop and Bag (we called it the Shoot and Stab).

It started long before I greened up my life. I probably use one towel four or five times...ish. I always sniff before I grab it instead of a new one. Nothing more disgusting than drying of with a mildewed towel and smelling mildewy all day.

So it's a green habit that I already had.

Most of you, my loyal readers...(there's a blog I read and she refers to her readers as 'Internets'. I guess if I had a bunch of readers I didn't know it might work for me but I know all six or seven of you...oh, a quick HI to my little cousin Amy, Manda's sis, in Birmingham...she left a comment and I was so excited! HI...)

Boy, I'm easily distracted today...


Most of you live in the same crazy humid Midwest and know that this time of year things are slow to dry.

And this is also the time of year I often need more than one shower each day.

So there is what I have began to refer to as the two towel rotation. This gives the towels time to dry between uses.

I have, however, recently found that that is not quite keeping up.

Yesterday I needed three showers.

And the station, where I only have one towel...I needed a second shower.

I need to buy some more towels.

Or move.


Kathy said...

My mother lost it one day (she had five kids, she's entitled), grabbed a permament marker, and wrote each of our names on a towel.

She laundered towels once a week.

Every now and then, my brother Danny would use my towel. Pissed me off!

I've forgiven him. Mostly.

MUD said...

Kathy stole my thunder. Just use one of the guys' towels, hell they never use them. No wait, they never hang them back up so they would be too moldy. Go buy a second towel. MUD

Anonymous said...

I hate to do laundry and you are only drying off clean skin so why not use a towel more than once. I won't confess as to how many times that I reuse my towel. Ray uses the same towel until I get him a clean one. Oh well.
Love Aunt Sue