Thursday, June 12, 2008

A Letter To A Friend

Do you remember learning to row. Feeling so confused about what to do with those two oars. And how much we laughed.

Do you remember that Wednesday night ride when we got so far behind because I was on my slow bike. And I kept trying to ride out into intersections and get myself killed.
And how much you laughed at me.

Do you remember that long ride on the Indian Creek Trail. We ran into that funny friend of yours...Bunny or something. Weird name for a guy. We talked about our divorces. Things hard for me to verbalize...and you got it. Eating lunch at that burger place and drinking so much ice tea we felt sick.

Do you remember the day you talked me into riding in the rain. And I had the spectacular bike crash. It was funny and scary at the same time. Riding through the puddles like little kids.
Again...there was laughing.

Do you remember all the crazy email banter last summer. You bored at bored at work.

Do you remember eating chips and salsa for dinner on your screen porch and Mel barking at me because I stopped petting him.

Do you remember that crazy thunderstorm on the MS 150. Yikes! And how good those beers tasted.

Do you remember that ride with Donna and Ed. And we lost Donna. That's the night you told us you got into your doctoral program.

Do you remember when you and Jim came to the lake house last memorial day. We'd been sitting on the porch all day...ummm, drinking. And we ate burgers and that outstanding potato salad. I'm sure you were laughing at me again.

Do you remember the cute guys we met on the Katy Trail ride. One for me and one for you.

Do you remember kicking my butt in rummy five nights straight.

Do you remember that weird guy in the cot tent.

Do you remember being so tired you got your directions screwed up. That time I was laughing at you.

Do you remember waiting for two hours for that really lousy cheeseburger. No laughing.

Do you remember taking the dogs to the dog park. With Andrew. And he talked non stop. We laughed at him.

Do you remember leaving Mel at my house when you went to a wedding. I came home and he was thinking I'd lost your dog. You'd picked him up early. First no laughing...then relieved laughing.

Do you remember calling me...that crappy day in November. Me, calling back...unbelieving.

Do you remember.

I do.

I always will.

That's a promise.


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:) Me too. So very thankful you had those moments and now those memories - always.