Monday, June 23, 2008

Heeler Heaven

The first time I visited out friends John and Kathy I was so overwhelmed by the pups that I don't think I greeted a human for the first several minutes. I just sat down and greeted all the dogs. Back then Patch was still with them and with Mel that made four Heelers!This is my buddy Mel. His Mom is in heaven now so his Auntie Kathy and Uncle John are making sure he's loved and spoiled.This is Bud. He might be my favorite...but don't tell Mel. This is miss Zoe Blue. She's a mess...when they walk she spends the whole time nose down in the field. She's very sweet!
I love the look on Mel's face. This is the neighbor dog...I can't remember his name.

Lots of rolling.
More rolling.
Sniffing the other side of the fence...just in case.
And Kathy has to get Zoe from the field.


Kathy said...

Great pictures, Jen! And fine looking animals! :)

The neighbor dog is Cole. A very good boy.

Been trying to comment. Big apology if this shows up three or four times.

Cindy said...

The first picture of Mel is fantastic! All are good of course with such fabuloso models. Ms. Zoe became my newest best doggie friend in the last couple of weeks. Someone sometime really MUST take a picture of her staring so mesmerized into the sump pump. I'm not entirely convinced that she isn't seeing something there that the rest of us can't see. Hmmmmmmm.......

Donna said...

i do believe that there is a certain 'jackie-O-ness' about her, don't you think?

Kathy said...

Me or Zoe?

That would make me Kathy-O and my girl Zoe-O.

hee hee

Anonymous said...

it certainly has a ring to it. if the shoe fits girlfriend-o! : ) gb