Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Life's Little Challenges

Our trusty microwave at the station died this morning.'s possible that it died sometime yesterday and no one noticed or they just failed to remember to tell us at shift change. magic box.
Did you know that you can make oatmeal on the a pan!
Or warm up leftovers in a small skillet.
Pop popcorn in a pan with a lid.
Melt butter in the same pan.
Crazy, I know.
It's just been comical how many times we've all walked to the microwave, something in hand, only to stand, puzzled as we sort out how to accomplish our task using 'old fashioned' methods. Challenging us to think 'outside the box'...literally.
I remember the first microwave in our family...well, it might not have been the first but it's the first I remember. It belonged to my grandma Petty.
Chocolate brown with walls several inches thick. The interior was very small. It made a strange humming noise. I remember being a bit afraid of it.
Now there is one in almost every kitchen. Some kitchens have a microwave and no stove!
My mother has a microwave that can do more things than the space shuttle. I have no idea how to turn it on. Mine is small and cheap (kinda like my house).
There are a lot of things I've decided to live without, and several things I could give up if I decided to get hard core.
I'm keeping my microwave!


Kathy said...

My microwave has a rectangular glass tray that moves back and forth. (Instead of a circular tray that rotates.)

You can put large rectangular baking dishes in the microwave!

Not that I have a huge need for that.

But when people see if they say, "Oooo!"

Anonymous said...

When our 25 year old microwave quit doing most things, we got a new stronger one. Ray said we needed to keep the old one to get the ice cream soft enough. We now have two microwaves.
Love Aunt Sue

MUD said...

Yes, but Ray is a collector of the biggest proportions. Yes, we are also on that list. MUD

MUD said...

Did I mention that our Microwave is on the way out and I will be shopping for one today? MUD

Chile said...

When our microwave died at home, we went for several weeks without one. Finally replaced it because reheating everything on the stove in the summer really sucked. It also got more dishes dirty. So, yeah, I'm in the 'keep the microwave' crowd!

Jenny said...

i remember rediscovering the stove--what a wonderful world it was! now we're playing with solar cookers and outdoor dehydrators--in through the out door, as they say. that said, my husband would perish on the days i work without the microwave. here's to keeping the other half alive!