Saturday, November 15, 2008

Good But Confusing News

All of Gooses tests were perfectly normal!
So basically I have an anorexic cat!
Great....I mean...Great!....but....great, so now we try to get the little weirdo to eat.


MUD said...

try different things first then try the Dennis Petty method. I give the dogs O'le Roy and only O'le Roy. The eat or they don't but that's all they get. Taco weighed 138 the last time they put him on the scale. MUD

Kathy said...

Chicken. Mmmm. Chicken.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Gus needs his own bowl and a place to eat away from the other cats.
Some cats don't eat when there are other cats around.
Try putting him and his food in a room by himself with the door shut.
Love Aunt Sue

Amy said...

Grandma's right. Cats are very temperamental. He may not want to eat where other animals eat. Or he is depressed about something. I know it sounds weird but have you been gone a lot more lately? Has schedules changed recently? I guess from growing up with about a million cats I have seen it all;)

Cindy said...

I'm thinkin "cat therapy" (: